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Better yet: Dragon Bonus or Panther 8

Better yet, there are various side bets in Baccarat. Dragon Bonus and Panda 8 are the two most popular bets. 카지노사이트

In fact, some baccarat tables feature one of these side bets and are completely meaningful. For example, a game called “Dragon Bonus baccarat” might be displayed.

They will find both bets interesting because they each offer a large payment. But what is a better bet in terms of return to player (RTP)?

The following guide details the basics of Dragon Bonus and Panda 8. It also describes bets that offer better opportunities to win real money.

How does Dragon Bonus Bet work?

Dragon bonus betting depends on whether a banker or player wins by a certain point. Select one of these hands when making this bet.

The potential payment depends on the winning score for the selected convenience. The next payment is the same on both sides.

Win by 9 points = 30:1 payment

Winning by 8 points = 10:1 payment

Win by 7 points = 6:1 payment

Win by 6 points = 4:1 payment

Win by 5 points = 2:1 payment

Win by 4 points = 1:1 payment

Natural victory (8 or 9 on the first two cards) = 1:1 payment

Natural Tie = Pushing

Win by 3 points or less = lose

Considering that both payments are the same, you might think that RTP is relatively the same. As we’ll see later, the player offers a much better view.

How does Panda 8 betting work?

The Panda 8 is a side bet found in EZ Baccarat, with no fee for winning the Banker bet. You can learn more about Bakara here.

Panda 8 is a very specific side bet. Only when the player wins with a total of eight cards.


Of course, there are many ways that player hands can reach this sum. For example, win 4-4 or 2-10-6 (18 = 8). Still, the odds of winning this bet are only 3.5%.

Casinos compensate for these low wins by offering 25:1 payments. But you don’t see this big payment very often.

Which side bets are superior?

Both of these bets provide a big win. You can win by 30:1 with a dragon bonus bet. On the other hand, you get 25:1 in a successful Panda 8 bet.

But which of the following offers the best chance of winning? The answer is undoubtedly on the player side of the Dragon Bonus.

To illustrate, the payment ratio for each bet is as follows:

Dragon Bonus Player = 97.35% RTP

Dragon Bonus Banker = 90.63%

Panda 8 = 89.82%

It doesn’t take much speculation to figure out which of these side bets is superior. Dragon Bonus’ player side is easily the best choice.

It’s a high-quality bet in Bakara and beyond. For your information, the European Roulette offers 97.30% RTP above average compared to other casino games.

Dragon Bonus player betting is slightly better than this. It also offers a maximum payment of 30:1.

Other notable baccarat side bets

The background is rich in side betting. If you’re looking for more diversity than Panda 8 and Dragon Bonus, you can consider betting in the following list:

All black

This bet is centered on whether the player’s hand will contain all black cards (such as clubs and spaces). If successful, you will receive a 24:1 payment.

All Black RTP is fine when compared to other bets in this list. It offers a 93.47% recovery rate that is consistent with many ground-based slot machines.

All Red

This bet is the opposite of what we discussed above. With All Red, the player must have all the red cards (such as diamonds and hearts).

Despite having the same chance of winning as All Black, this bet only pays 22:1 (opposite to 24:1). As a result, All Red RTP is only 86.0%.

Bellagio – players

This bet requires the player to bet on three types (for example, three 9s). When the player receives this hand, it pays 75:1. The Bellagio Match player also offers 94.77% decent RTP.

Bellagio Match – Banker

Bellagio Match Banker bets require bankers to win three types. If successful, you will receive a 68:1 payment. This low payment also reduces Bellagio Match banker’s RTP to 91.43%.

Dragon 7

A total of 7 points (e.g. 2-5) 3-card hand bets the banker to win. If successful, you will receive a 40:1 payment. Dragon 7 provides 92.39% RTP, which is lower than the average of side bets.

Lucky Bonus (also known as Super 6)

In Lucky Bonus or Super 6, known in some casinos, bankers must win by exactly 6 points (e.g. 4-10-2). It typically pays 18:1 and at this point it provides 97.36% RTP. Lucky Bonus is slightly better than Dragon Bonus players in terms of recovery.

Matching Dragon: House Edge = 16.99%

Match Dragon revolves around how many cards of the same rank (e.g., 8-8) are distributed to bankers and players. Payments depend on the number of matching cards.

6 cards = 100:1 payment

5 cards = 60:1 payment

4 cards = 40:1 payment

3 cards = 20:1 payment

2 cards = 3:1 payment

1 card = 1:1 payment

No matching vehicle found.

ds = Loss

Should I pay attention to the baccarat side batting?

The best thing about Baccarat Side Bet is that it typically provides a large potential payment. If you can get the right-hand combination, you can get a lot of money compared to the bet.

But the downside is that the chances of getting a perfect hand are really low. The payout ratio for these bets is almost always low.

So you have to consider whether these bets are worth making. This concern is especially valid given that bankers and players bets are very well paid.


You can enjoy 98.94% RTP when betting on a banker’s hand to win. On the other hand, you can expect a 98.76% payback when betting on player hands.

These are the two best bets in Baccarat and two of the best in every game. It can’t go wrong when betting on a player or banker.

However, the average baccarat side bet can be wrong. In general, these bets have a low chance of winning in the long run.

Of course, some side bets are not bad. As previously discussed, Dragon Bonus players offer 97.35 percent payback. If you’re looking for a starting point when you move away from Banker and Player bets, you can start with this bet. 온라인카지노

What is the best strategy in Baccarat Side Bet?

The easiest way to hand over a side wager is to avoid betting. In any case, the average side bet is not desirable, so you can avoid doing research in this way.

Nevertheless, you can find something different from the experience of playing the actual cash barcarat and find the side bet. Then I want to focus on the best bet possible.

The two best baccarat side bets on RTP are the Lucky Bonus and Dragon Bonus players. The return on investment is 97.36% and 97.35%, respectively.

Both bets are not as good as the default banker or player bets. However, it is above average compared to the entire game world.


In response to the original question of whether Panda 8 or Dragon Bonus is better, the latter is better if you bet on the player side. The Player Hand provides 97.35% RTP in this bet.

Meanwhile, Panda 8 should be overlooked due to a recovery rate of 89.82%. Even the 25:1 payment is not worth it. 안전한카지노사이트

Lucky Bonus players are also worth considering when viewing all Baccarat side bets. 97.36% RTP overwhelms dragon bonus players with hair.

Of course, in the long run, there is no betting better than bankers (98.94% RTP) and players (98.76%). However, side betting may be considered to add fun to the game.

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